I have always had a soft spot for architecture. I was very fortunate to have been able to travel to England, France, Italy and Holland. I love the old buildings there. With buildings, they become more beautiful with age.

I really enjoy photographing houses. You never know until you open the front door what you will discover. I have been surprised so many times, most of the time it is a good surprise, but at times it is a disappointment to see what people have done to their homes.  But then it becomes a challenge to try to make it look the best I can. When I do a shoot of a house I really want to give the realtor lots of choices in the final images they choose to use.  Normally I will do about 35 or so shots, more depending on the size of the home and if their are details that I think buyers would enjoy seeing, then details will be included. My goal is to produce a product that everyone involved is happy with the finished results.  I really enjoy when I get requests during the shoot to include  certain areas that  would make a difference. I have been doing shoots of houses for over ten years, it is something I really enjoy. Very soon I will be adding floor plans to the shoots, I think this adds to the overall look of the presentation

have done shoots for many real estate agents.  Here are a few that I have worked with, feel free to contact them.

Rick Llanos, Jim Hutchison, Jenny Chow, Cecille Cohen,Kathy Gless, Betsy Malloy, Terri McCortney,Mollie McGinty, Steve Tator, Ann Austin

Bob Day,Pete Buonocore, Patti Carrol and many,many more.

My rates are very reasonable starting at $200 for the shoot and I can normally  get the finished images to you the day after the shoot