I have been involved with photography for many years, It is the love of my life and I feel very fortunate in life that I am able to do what I really enjoy and make a living this way. With every shoot I do I review all the images and try to do better on the next shoot. I have been using Photoshop now for almost 20 years and it has made a big change in how I work but more important the end result is so much better for both the client and myself

I have lived in West Hollywood for 28  years and prior to this, I lived in San Francisco for 29 years.

I have always loved the old Movie Palaces. I remember going to the Warner Theatre in my home town of Erie when I was a kid. A little over a year ago, I visited Erie again to see family there and  photographed the Warner Theatre. Since then myself and my friend Mark Mulhall have shot over 30 theatres all over the country.  Some are the grand old big Movie Palaces and some of them are quite small. But each has it's own personality and is beautiful. You can visit the website if you wish, here is the link.